We received emails. We received phone calls. We heard feedback at meetings in 2017.

In response to requests for Batch Editing, the Specify Project is pleased to announce that Specify developers are well into engineering this widely sought after capability for Specify 6.

Admittedly, we have been apprehensive about adding this capability because of our experience with the power of Batch Editing in Specify 5. Back then it was a difficult design challenge to convey to Specify researchers the extent of the changes batch editing would make to their linked relational data. We helped many Specify 5 sites recover from unintended consequences of Specify 5 batch edits.

But our meetings with collections researchers at SPNCH 2017, Botany 2017, and at ASIH this year were clear and convincing. When we landed back home, we moved Batch Editing to the top of the Specify 6 engineering list. Tim Noble is mirroring the functionality of the Specify WorkBench Uploader and reusing that code to add Batch Editing, which has allowed him to make quick progress. This solution has the benefit that Specify users are already familiar with the user interface and operation of the WorkBench.

December 4 is the release date for the Batch Editing Beta for our IT partners. If you would like to be part of the beta test group, or wish to offer other feedback, please contact us at Norine@specifysoftware.org. Batch Updating for all Specify 6 users will be released soon after, depending on the feedback received.

The University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute is underwriting the cost of this Specify 6 development. Our current US NSF funding pays for core support for Specify 7.