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    Every computer must have a CPU to run the performance of a computer itself. Without a CPU, a computer seems unable to run smoothly. In fact, it can’t run at all.

    CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a parent or data processing center from a computer device. While inside the CPU unit, there are several components that are connected to each other. And this is an important thing to be able to process a data from a computer device that was mentioned earlier.

    The computer CPU components and their functions are as follows:

    1. CPU case

    CPU casing is usually made of plastic and some are also made of iron, stainless, and so on. This casing is useful to protect various components contained in the CPU, of course to protect more from dust, heat, water, or other things that are feared to interfere with the CPU’s performance itself.

    In addition, the casing also functions as a place for us to place and install various components such as motherboards, power supplies, optical disc drives, hard disks, and many others.

    2. Motherboard

    This motherboard is a circuit board where various electronic components and other computers are installed and can be connected to one another. The components that become the core part of this motherboard are processors, sound cards, video cards, hard disks, and so on.

    The motherboard also functions as a connecting medium for each component of the computer in order to communicate with other computer components.

    In addition, each motherboard has a different specification reference. For example, what processor specifications can be embedded and supported by the motherboard. And how much the maximum RAM capacity is supported by the motherboard.

    This means that not all CPU motherboards are the same. As well as not being able to carelessly install every component on the motherboard CPU. Because, if it is not supported, chances are that the component will not be read on your computer.

    3. Processor

    The processor is one of the core components contained in the computer CPU. Because, if there is no processor, chances are the computer device cannot work at all. Therefore, many say that the processor is the brain of a computer. live streaming football All processes and commands will be done on the processor even though still with the help of other components. So that way, the higher the speed of a processor, the faster the computer will process various kinds of data.

    4. Processor fan

    This one component is a device that is employed to help the performance of a processor. The Processor fan functions as a cooler and keeps the processor temperature cool and stable. This is so that our computer processor device is not fast overhead or damaged.
    5. RAM

    RAM (Random Access Memory) is one component contained in the CPU unit. RAM also has an important position for computer devices. The reason is, this one component works as a place to hold temporary data that has been processed by the processor before proceeding to other components.

    RAM can also be replaced with a larger or smaller capacity size, but this must also be according to the maximum RAM supported on your motherboard. As much as your RAM memory capacity, but if it is not supported by the motherboard, then it can be ascertained that it cannot be read by a computer device.

    Apart from that, RAM units usually use byte calculations. And the capacity of RAM on the market is usually as follows:

    256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and others

    The types of memory that are still produced today are:


    6. HDD (HDD)

    Just like an SD card in a smartphone, the hard drive also serves to store various data and also store various operating systems from a computer device itself. Hard drives usually use byte calculations. And the bigger the hard drive capacity, the more conventional data you can save.

    Size of capacity Hard drives circulating in the market usually vary, ranging from 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, to 3 TB.

    7. CD / DVD ROM

    CD / DVD ROM or what can be called an optical disk drive is a device that can be used to write and read cassettes or CD / DVD discs. In addition, CD / DVD ROM can also be used to burn or copy CDs using various software such as Nero, Infra Recorder, and so on.

    Apart from that, the formats included in the CD / DVD ROM are CD-ROM drives, CD-RW drives, DVD-ROM drives, and DVD-RW drives.

    8. VGA CARD (Video Graphic Adapter)

    VGA (Video Graphic Adapter) is one component that is considered very important for a computer device. Because, this one component functions as a graphic data processor before being displayed to the monitor. Without VGA, the computer screen can certainly not display anything, aka blank.

    Apart from that, VGA is also very important to determine the quality of images displayed on a computer monitor.

    9. Sound Card

    This one device functions more as an audio processor for your computer device. Sound cards also function as audio processors, which can convert analog signals or digital signals that enter the card input and produce audio or sound on your computer system.

    Sound Card and has a function to control all audio found on a computer device. Without this device, you can be sure your computer will not sound.

    10. Power Supply

    The last component that we will discuss is Power Supply, which is part of a computer system and CPU unit that functions as a power divider (source of electric current) in each computer component. In addition, the Power Supply also functions to change the DC voltage into AC before being streamed to each component of the computer itself.

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